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1956- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Established as a tool and die source for Tier One stampers.

1980's- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Primary business became of stampings and welded assemblies supplied to the major North American automobile manufacturers. Several building expansions to the Charles street facility proceeded after much growth in the stamping/welding portion of the business.

1990's- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Evolved into a Tier One and Tier Two parts manufacturer. Several more building expansions to the Charles street facility proceeded due to more growth in the stamping and welding portion of the business.

1996- Futura Tool Inc. - Established 70 metres across from Titan Tool & Die Limited as a captive fully equipped modern tool source producing dies for both global and local customers. Currently, Futura Tool employs 26 combined hourly and salary staff during a one-shift operation.

2000- Devon Assembly - A division of Titan Tool & Die Limited was opened and in full operation. This facility was acquired to fill the need for space to accommodate an increased number of welded assemblies and assemblies due to growth in the Tier 1 automotive sector. Devon Assembly focuses on the value added welding and assembling of products stamped at the Titan Tool & Die Limited Charles Production facility. Various types of welding include spot, projection (resistance), robotic Mig welding as well as heat stake operations and multi component assemblies. This focused work force allows for mastery of specific areas of production which in turn provides quality to our customers.

2004- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Additional office and production space adjacent to the existing Charles Street facility was completed and fully utilized by August 2004. The address of the new addition is 2801 Howard Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N8X 3Y1. The office space houses executive, senior management and administrative staff and in the production facility, modern transfer press technologies.

2005- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Operates a three shift operation at both the Charles Street and the Devon Road Production facility and employees 250 combined hourly and salary staff. We feel that our customers are the reason for our business but that our work force is our most important asset. Although we continually strive to improve for our customers, we are also strongly committed to continually improving our employee relations. It proves difficult sometimes as a business grows in size with people and facilities to keep that personal contact with everyone. We make every effort to ensure that voices are heard. We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute. We do this by encouraging an open-door policy, the use of the employee suggestion box as well as recently adding an "Employee Section" to our newly revised website.

2006- Titan Tool & Die Limited - Titan Tool & Die Limited has reached its 50th year milestone of business operations. Many industry "fair weather days" as well as "storms" have been enjoyed and weathered by this fine Company; the walls have much to say about survival, commitment, strength, longevity and integrity. We look forward to the next 50 years with steadfast growth and success.

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